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Duncan MacLeod of the Clan MacLeod’s many faces (as done like a cartoon?)

Go here for the Lineart )

Hope you enjoyed!
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Here is a small batch of Highlander icons I made from one of my WiP's featuring Duncan MacLeod.

To view, go here )

And here is one inspired by Spn:

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DM and the ROG do Dungeons and Dragons, or something... 

Here is the 4th. )


And it's reference pic... )

There is a story-idea behind this, but I'm not up to writing it down right now.

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Dm finally takes on parenthood.

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 I stumbled over this screen cap from the original The Crow - movie featuring the dearly but departed Brandon Lee and very much liked the body position. I can very easily image lightening strike him and go through him, so I chose to use this screen cap as a reference pic for DM in the mist of a quickening. Here’s the first sketch.

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As I’ve said before; I’m a prolific fanfic reader. A day doesn’t go by that I don’t read at least something in any of the fandom’s I’m into. Recently I’m on a Highlander kick and I stumbled upon MacGeorge’s ‘To Touch the Face’ – her Highlander/Constantine crossover. It’s a hoot! I love Gabriel’s point of view, his arrogance and humor, and I LOVE the idea that DM is in fact Archangel Michael, someone Gabe is planning on bringing back into the angelic fold to get into the Big Guy’s good graces again after the mess he made of things in the movie.

This here is him. )Duncan MacLeod of the Clan MacLeod as Archangel Michael.

It's my version of a tribute to someone who's writing I admire a lot.
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This WiP comes with a plott bunny I'll add later on. It's one of the few I've actully started to write out into a fic.

Let's just say I grew tired of all - Oh-my-gosh-Blair-is-4000-years-old!fics

Here you get the close up.

It's done with a mouse by the way. ;)

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Here is another WIP I manage to take a screencap of yesterday. It's supposed to be DM and Amanda but I'll probably end up redoing A again. I'm not happy with how she is turning out. This DM is the third version I'm doing of him, it took me awhile to find an expression I was happy with. Anyone with a good eye can probably tell what the reference pic is ::grin::

Shortcut. )

And a wee close up!

Close up. )

What'ya think, sis?
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Good morning people! How ya’ll doing?

After some fumbling I finally managed to load those screenshot I took of two of my WIP’s to Photobucket. I’d forgotten my user info so I had to track them down. Said ‘screw it’ when I remembered PB has an option you can chose if you forget your user info - they’ll send it to your email. Luckily since I really, really didn’t want to go through the tons of crap I have – I’m in the process of moving again so having any kind of order is a sweet dream by now.

Anyway, here comes the first one. 

the first one )
That is it, for now.
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