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Back before I had a computer and still did drawings by hand I started on the below depiction of my family (sans brother). The reference is a photograph of one of the few fall days we spent together outside (both my sister and I aren't much for taking nature strolls and it always was a struggle for our folks to get us outside). I don’t think we were more than twelve when I took the picture and the drawing was started several years later.

Go here for the drawing.
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A while ago I did this sketch of myself from a picture I took with one of those vending machines you can find in any half-way decent mall, just before I left Sweden. I think it was for the renewal of my passport. 

The Reason: well, my sister wanted a 'manga' version of me for a project of hers. By the time I posted this somewhat cleaned up version of the scanning on to our gallery she'd jet to start, in fact when I asked she'd forgotten all about it. 
Note: The funky hair style is due to the fact that the picture this is based on was taken when I had - not shaved, but close to it anyway - the front part of my head and left the back part longer.

Anyway, recently, when she started painting with PS - practicing painting characters from Angel and Buffy, not to mention Bones; her main fandom - she remembered and started coloring the sketch.

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