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I have been working on a series of linearts’ that all share the same theme – Angels (female ones). They are for my brother to use as Flash drawings in his work, meaning the basic lineart for tattoos.

Here is the first one I’m posting.

Title: Angel with torn wings
Fandom: None
Genre: Fantasy
Characters/Pairing: Original female
Summary: None
Status: Finished
Note: This drawing was made from a stock picture that can be found here.

The stock artist profile at DeviantArt can be found here.

(Both links will take you to DeviantArt, and the thumb will take you to noctemus_tales where the drawing is posted.)

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My brother asked me to collaborate with him on another project recently and I jumped on the chance.

It was for another line art he needed to have done for a customer (X) that was flying in from Norway and X’s only specifications was that the subject be of two fighting cooks + some flying cutlery. The reason – the man is a professional chef and the tattoos he has pretty much has to do with his profession ::grin::

My brother’s only specification was that the image include a kitchen and I had little less than a week to do it ::no pressure or anything, lol:: He is right to emphasize the time limit because I haven’t been very good at following them before. I wouldn’t have a choice but to respect them this time since X was flying in on the 15th specifically to see my brother (he asked me around the 9-10th) and D needed to have something to show X.

I did it. On time. Phew!

What follows is the version X went with: the lineart I did and the ‘bloodlines’ showing my brother’s version.


There are 3 files. 

1) Shows X's back as I drew it out with the use of vectors in PS7. I did it so I could have a working reference for the different versions of my sketches that I'd transfer over to see which ones fitted best with the concept my brother wanted. Can be viewed at full size here.

The drawing also shows the preliminary version of the sketches my brother chose. 

2) Shows the finished line art as done by my new pen tablet. Whoowhoo! Can be viewed at full size here.

3) Shows my brother's version as done with 'bloodlines'. It's the first photo of the tattoo as WiP. Can be viewed at full size here.

The links will take you to the pics respective deviantart page.

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My brother is a very accomplished tattoo artist based in Sweden. In December of 08, when my sister and I were visiting the old country for the first time in 3 years, he asked me if I could draw an idea he had; a character from the horror genre playing the violin.


He wanted it to be his contribution to a tattoo convention taking place in May the following year. 

The following work is the result of that collaboration. It’s the first one we ever did together and I’m very proud of it. 


Steps taken:

The first thing I did was look through references of the character of our choice (once we decided on who it was going to be). Then I looked for references for a violin but found squat, so I had my sister take several photographs of me holding my violin in the position my brother wanted the character to stand. Once I had my selection picked out I sketched a bunch of different versions until my brother chose the winner. The decision made, I started adding details and cleaning the lines up. When the picture was mostly done I retraced every line with the vector tool and redid them using vector points.


Below you can see the result. The line art is done by me, the shading are by my brother and the final image is of the finished product done as a tattoo.


Title: Mournful Edward

Fandom: Tim Burtons’ Edward Scissorhands

Genre: Horror

Characters/Pairing: Edward Scissorhands

Summary: None

Status: Finished

Note: The character is based on an ‘Edward Scissorhands’ poster, the violin is mine though.


There are 3 files. 

1) Shows the finished lineart as I drew it out with the use of vectors in PS7. Can be viewed at full size here.

2) Shows my brother's version prior to transfering the design over to flesh. Can be viewed at full size here.

3) Shows the finished tattoo. Can be viewed at full size here.

The links will take you to the pics respective deviantart page.
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