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I want to do a Teen Wolf and the Crow-fusion comic. An actual graphic novel with panels and shit...

I even have a cover for it except, you know, I have zero clue of how to actually storyboard it ::facepalm::

The premise would be the following:

Prompt/Summary: In their senior year Jackson and Lydia are brutally assaulted and murdered. One year later Jackson rises from his grave seeking vengeance.

Here, have some icons I made from my WIP cover:

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Title: Once Bitten, Nevermore Shy
Fandom: Teen Wolf - AU
Rating: PG

Note #1: This here is the concept image I'm working on for an AU where Stiles was bitten instead of Scott. I'm currently focusing on the background, doing a black and white version of the set image seen below.

Note #2: Due to the consequences of Stiles becoming a werewolf, Jackson and Scott form an unlikely friendship and in the image below they are looking for Stiles as he has gone AWOL.

Note #3: In my head this is a Jackson/Stiles AU-verse where they have a volatile frienemies kind of relationship, to say the least.
Also, due to his ADD Stiles is an unpredictable kind of werewolf and twice as dangerous because of that. (I'm kind of jonesing for a semi-dark!Stiles that has even less control than Scott because of his inability to focus on any one thing for long, except of course when he is antagonizing Jackson ;D).

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When I had access to cable I used to watch dramas such as Boston Public, The Practice, Ally MacBeal, and whatnot. It was pretty much every prime time show that WB or FOX showed. After I got involved with fandom such as - HL, tS, KtE, AtS - I discovered that the fandom’s worked great on their own, but where a lot of fun crossing over; I started seeing x-over in pretty much everything I saw. My earliest fandom’s where Buffy and then Angel. Later I started up with KtE (Kindred: the Embraced); mostly 'cuz I liked Frank Kohanek. I soon rediscovered Highlander and stumbled upon the Sentinel. These days it’s pretty much all HL and tS, although I’ve added some Supernatural, NCIS, CSI, Ghostwhisperer, Justice, Boston Legal, and one or two more. Most of these I just watch, though, I don’t necessarily read in their respective fandom’s.
Anyway, since I’m a fan of high school dramas I wanted to hatch a plot bunny that was going to put DM in a school such as Winslow High, but not necessarily make it a crossover with BP. I just wanted him in that kind of environment.

Whit that in mind; the bunny is up for adoption.
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