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I want to do a Teen Wolf and the Crow-fusion comic. An actual graphic novel with panels and shit...

I even have a cover for it except, you know, I have zero clue of how to actually storyboard it ::facepalm::

The premise would be the following:

Prompt/Summary: In their senior year Jackson and Lydia are brutally assaulted and murdered. One year later Jackson rises from his grave seeking vengeance.

Here, have some icons I made from my WIP cover:

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Here is a small batch of Highlander icons I made from one of my WiP's featuring Duncan MacLeod.

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And here is one inspired by Spn:

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Here are some Ruby icons I did yesterday. The images are form a couple of larger pics I'm currently working on in PS. This is new!Ruby, as portrayed by Genevive Cortese.


Jul. 10th, 2007 04:15 am
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01-09 Icon Gallery & growing.

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