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Below you have two options for Glee category to choose from. One is dedicated to all the WiPs that I have posted on this LJ. The other one will link you to the completed art that are hosted in the Art community that I share with my sister [ profile] noctemus at [ profile] house_of_t.

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the Art... )
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Title: Karofsy - Who's the Daddy?
Fandom: Glee | X-men
Genre: Drama
Characters/Pairing: Dave Karofsky, Victor Creed and Wolverine
Summary: None.
Status: -
Notes: -

Here for the drawing. )
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Click on thumb for the full picture.
Title: Teacher’s Pet
Fandom: Glee|Xmen
Genre: SciFi
Characters/Pairing: Dave Karofsky, Victor Creed
Status: Complete
Notes: I still hope the drawing may serve as inspiration for any writers here that are into Dave and crossovers. It is a Glee/X-men crossover and there is not enough of them.

Technically this one too is a Wolverine: Origin crossover.

Located: [ profile] house_of_t
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Click on the thumb for the full picture
Title: The Fury and the Fierce
Fandom: Glee
Genre: Drama, crack (?)
Characters/Pairing: Dave Karofsky, Santana Lopez
Status: Complete
Notes: For those awesome Dave/Santana friendship fics.

Located: [ profile] house_of_t
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