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Last week sucked epically. I kept getting migraines that prevented me from going to work (sucked! 'cuz I want my money ; ).
Eight of them in total. Three in the same day. I thank every thing that is holy that they aren't the kind that generally incapacitates my sister (she'll go the whole nine yard with puking, nausea and generally feeling like death warmed over). Mine don't initially hurt, I'll lose part of my eyesight in one or both eyes and when that happens I know the hurt is coming so I just stop what I'm doing and go to bed.  

This means I didn't get anything done - all my projects were put on hold.

Now I'm back and hopefully I'll be able to get done a few of the things I've promised a couple of lovely people.


Apr. 21st, 2011 08:08 am
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Hi ::waves::

I have no idea who, if anybody, watches this journal but as the last post shows I’ve been MIA for quite some time. I’ve been struggling with depression for the past several months and it has left me severely depleted creativity wise. In fact it is only recently I have even had any inclination to pick up a pen and draw and that is mostly due to Glee and my fascination with the character of Dave Karofsky. Today took a downturn due to reasons I’m trying to not even think about, so to avoid further negativity I’m going to try something different.

The emptiness of this journal depresses me. I keep meaning to organize it and never do.
So instead what I have decided is to not bother with the presentation and start posting the things I already have whether they be completed or not. Also, any and all prompts and story ideas I’ve written down over the years. They do no good on my hard drive and my sister isn’t going to write them for me. Maybe they’d do some good for someone else that needs to be inspired.
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This here is the newest member of my immediate family.
She is 3 months old.

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Sorry for the absence. I'm a lurker at heart, and to de-lurk has proven to be more difficult than I expected. I'm still trying though.

Love the backdate feature! I’ve started to keep a kind of journal – simple Word-document where I write during the day stuff I’d like to post to my LJ. That way I accumulate ‘entries’ I can later add under the date they where originally written. Otherwise I’m never going to post anything except once in a blue moon whenever I get a pic ‘finished’. Since I start a new pic almost every day I’m in perpetual WIP-hell. Oh well, maybe one day.

Anyway, this new practice I started on Monday. Let’s see how long that last... 
I'll post my first backdate entry starting now.


Jul. 3rd, 2007 01:35 pm
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Sis showed me the dog we hit yesterday. It’s been pan-quified! It’s flat as a pancake. The poor thing has turned to mush, there are no solid bones left in its entire body. Shows you’re the regard Uruguayan drivers have for traffic victims, he?

At least when it’s 4-legged.
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Finally got home. I can’t believe it, Sis has made the tablet work! She promised she would but I had my doubts.

She was working on her banner for The Dark City – a Kindred; the Embraced archive, but I shooed her away. In the words of Eminen - I’m a meanie!

Nah, seriously, she offered to pass the tablet over as soon as she showed me what she’d done. She wanted to go and take her own siesta. 

Note: Hers generally last til the next day.
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We hit a dog today. Well not me, the driver of the van that takes a group of us to work everyday. Totally traumatized my sister (for about half an hour), which is understandable since she was sitting at the front and saw the whole thing.

I was laying down in the back seat, trying to catch some additional Z’s, when I suddenly heard the driver hit the horn and a second later how the van bumped over something, twice, both with the front wheels and the back wheels.

Thought for a split second it was a man before my sister said it was a pup. She also said it looked to have been barely a year old. Poor girl, this has totally ruined her day.
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