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Jul. 5th, 2007 07:00 pm
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Went to see the TRANSFORMERS!!! Unfortunately with no subtitles, so it was dubbing time! Hate it when they do that. They dubbed The Fantastic Four – Rise of the Silver Surfer too. I read somewhere that Lawrence Fishburne did the voice of the Silver Surfer so we got to miss that special voice of his that’s a special effect all on its own.  ::grumbles::
But, back to the Transformers, if you like the fact the comics are coming to a cinema near you - this is one you CANNOT miss! The special effects alone are worth it, but hey! Its got a storyline too. And the ‘bots are just too cute.
Transformers II, please!  
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I'm not American, North American that is, but I think I'll passively celebrate by renting Independence day.

Will Smith is always good for a laugh. ;)
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I’m a mean machine! Didn’t stop playing with PS until late, or what passes for late to me - which is some time after 7.30pm. Decided to watch Children of Men afterwards, ‘cuz sis rented the movie and it needs to be returned tomorrow.
CoM – what a weird movie. Totally cool, though. I can definitely see that senario happen; world descending into chaos because man can no longer have children. Man stripped of pretences when he no longer needs to live up to anything in the eyes of an innocent. ‘Cuz there are none, hehe.

... continued ramblings of the film. Contains vague spoliers.  )

Changed my mind – it was a good ending, life don’t give you resolution; there are no happy endings and quick fixes. Besides, the movie was from Owens point of view and he croaks before the boat appears. He doesn’t’ get to know the ending, so it’s fitting that we don’t as well. 

Going to bed far to late - 9.30pm. Gotta be up by 2.30pm.

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