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Birthdate:Nov 30

ONE --> About Me

I am finally giving myself the kick in the arse I need to put something here. As my activity can tell I’m not that good at following through on any kind of journal keeping. I’ll keep trying though.

What do I do? Nothing much; work at a call center, paint, draw and talk smack with my sister - before, during and after work (one of the perks at having her sitting next to me at the ‘center’) – and go to the movies. I’m a big movie buff, but only in that I like to watch a lot of them and I might be able to play spot the actor – I most likely wouldn’t be able to tell you who the director/writer/producer is.

This journal will be partly friend’s locked. Friending me will give you access to all the boring details of my life, ‘cuz the rest will be public.

Where you can find me on the net: Here and at DeviantArt.

And my sister’s multiple archives.

I can’t think of anything else to write about me so… … see ya around!
TWO --> Art

I like to draw. It’s my number one passion in life so I’m constantly doodling. These days I do most of my stuff in Photoshop so you'll eventually see the result of those endeavors in this journal and at my DA account. I’ll try to only show finished artwork at my DA account, though. //
THREE --> Fandoms

Right now my main fandoms are SUPERNATURAL, GLEE and THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS, in that order. Any fan-ish rambling I might indulge in will be in relation to these fandoms. I don’t write (‘though I’d like to), so my creative endeavors in that regard are limited to the oral stories I tell my sister – silvihenna – in the hope she’ll write them down for me. From time to time I might transfer the ideas to scenes I draw up in PS. These are the things you’ll find here. Having said that, don’t believe the subject matter will be limited to the fandoms already listed; I frequently like to indulge my love for crossovers. Especially the odd ball ones.

Like most people I have a set of favorite characters in any given fandom that I’m pretty diehard for (to the point I won’t read any stories where these characters are in any way trashed, no matter how good the plotline is). In Supernatural that someone is John. Papa Winchester. I like him single, I like him with everybody – ‘though gen is best. I have developed an aversion to J2 fics’ and Sam/Dean. Probable because it’s EVERYWHERE.

In Glee it's Dave Karofsky. Pair him up with everybody, people! He deserves some love.

In the Fast and the Furious it's Brian. Gen, Slash or Het; it's all good.

In the Sentinel it’s Jim Ellison. I love him paired with anybody but I prefer gen, so-called buddy-fics.

I watch Criminal Minds (for the cases and the Morgan/Garcia interaction), NCIS (for Gibbs and the team! I watched NCIS for the ensemble before I ever started watching CM), Psych (go Henry!) and pretty much anything my sister can get her hands on.

A guilty pleasure of mine is Kindred: the Embrace. I was heartbroken when the main actor died and the show was canceled.

Edited: I have a new "obsession" - TEEN WOLF!!! Whooo! Jackson all the way y'all!
FOUR --> Favourite Movies/Shows/Quote/Poem

Movies: These I can watch over and over and over… Cast Away, Transformers, Iron Man, 300, Losers, Fast and Furious and the upcoming Fast Five!
Shows: In the order that I watch them: Supernatural, Glee, NCIS, Criminal Minds, Psych, Bones,
Quote:"The world is filled with rational men. It's also filled with fathers. Guys like me, who would slit the throat of anyone who tries to pry their sons away from them " – John Winchester (Supernatural – The Rising Son). What I think defines the man.
Poem:'Demon in My View' by Edgar Allan Poe.
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