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This is my contribution to the Teen Wolf Big Bang.

Title: No Honor In Suffering
Artist: bdrixhaettc
Author: [ profile] pr1nc3ssp34ch
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Link to Story: AO3

 photo bigteaserNHIS.jpg
 photo NoHonorInSuffering02lns.jpg

Allison Devide (alternate versions)
 photo AllisonChapterDividealt02.jpg
 photo AllisonChapterDividealt01.jpg
 photo AllisonChapterDividealt01red.jpg

Derek Devide
 photo DerekChapterDividealt01.jpg
 photo DerekChapterDividealt02.jpg
Page divider (alternate versions)
 photo pagebreaker07v01.jpg
 photo pagebreaker06v01.jpg
 photo pagebreaker05thick.jpg
 photo pagebreaker01.jpg
 photo pagebreaker03v1.jpg

Individual drawings
 photo AlphaAllison-Hunt.jpg
 photo crossbowblood.jpg
 photo Allisonprofile.jpg
 photo Dallison01.jpg

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