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Hey y'all that happens to have me on their friends list :D

I'm looking for a beta ::shush::

I have never written any fiction before in my life (except for a very small drabble in Highlander fandom several years ago), but as of a few days ago I started a Jackson centric horror-mystery story (I've already got 1200 words or so and the thought kinda makes me hyperventilate a little).

It is going to be a gift to my sister (Noctemus) because she has been telling me for years I should write the stories I tell her but I have been adamant that I don't write.

I need help with grammar (I'm not a native English speaker), and sentence structure (because what sounds good in my head might not make sense in written form). I need someone that can help me with typical American sayings and expression (colloquialism?). I need someone I can talk plot points with and the structure of the story so that the suspense is maintained until I actually want the reveal to come. I would normally talk to noctemus about all of this, including all the twist and turns I want to include and the end, but I want her to READ the story ;D not jump to the end of the book from the get go.

The story is pre-slash Jackson/Derek, with an emphasis on Jackson and 'mystery character' and a boatload of original and peripheral TW characters. Hope this sounds like something someone would like to help me out with.

PS. Donshin has already offered and I'm supper thankful. If at all possible I would like too have more than one beta because I believe several eyes would help to make this story the best it could be DS.

Thank you,
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