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As I’ve mentioned before I’m going through my .pdf folder, one pic at a time, in the hopes of finally finishing the countless WiP’s I’ve got going. Yesterday I found this one. Lo’ and behold; it was already completed. It’s a simplified-animation-style John Winchester with a speech bubble to be filled as you please.

Title: None
Fandom: Supernatural
Genre: Humor
Characters/Pairing: John Winchester
Summary: None
Status: Finished

Here is the completed image... )

Overview of steps taken... )

Here are a few icons for you to enjoy!


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Recently I started to make up a compilation of panels that will show the WiP’s I’m currently working on. The concept was borrowed from my sister – SilviHenna – as she’d done the same here.

The panels themselves don’t represent anything in particular; they are not part of a storyboard or anything like that. They are just a framework I used to add the individual screenshots of my WiP’s, though I did try to group them by characters or theme.

My intention is to complete the line art for all the individual ‘windows’ of the panels. The following tumb img shows the first one of these I’ve managed to complete. It’s “window 1” of my Current Projects: Panel 3.

Title: SpnJW1986
Fandom: Supernatural
Genre: Drama, Horror, AU
Characters/Pairing: John Winchester
Summary: He barely sleeps anymore, and when he manages, anything will startle him awake. He’ll be on his feet with gun in hand before he knows it.

Status: Finished
Note: The thumb will take you to the devianart page where it’s located.

John Winchester 1986 thumb

John Winchester - 1986 )
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