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Nothing much to say for today. It's been a quiet day at the center, not to many calls. I got to read a couple of DM fics in-between calls, he he. Get to go home now, ON time for once! He he hee. 

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Fuck! Finally, I am done for the day. 1 hour and 15 min overdue. Got a headache, my stomach is upset and I’m dog-tired. Want to go home and crash, but gotta return rented DVD, 1 day overdue – standard for us. 

See ya!
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Halleluiah! Praise whoever! The reason for my exuberance; I finally got off work! I’m 41 min overdue. And, o boy, did they feel long. I just want to blank out my brain and go home. Sleep perhaps.

Got to wait for the taxi though ::sigh::.
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